Concours De’ Elegance: Cars, People and Food.



The Concours De’ Elegance is an annual event that takes place in Kenya. Personally, I have been dreaming of attending since my high school days. My love for cars goes way back to those days. This time, I happened to be in Nairobi and I did not have school. The event took place at Ngong Racecourse. First of all, let me commend CBA for their orderliness. There were so man people trickling into the place yet somehow they managed us all. From the entrance to the security personally, everything flowed easily.

The first-star attraction were the motorbikes.  Vintage  bikes to ‘ghost-rider ‘ bikes. The owners took their time to show off the power horse of their bikes. I guess every bike owner thinks their bike is the best just as father thinks that their son is the best in the village.  Continue reading


The Kitengela Glass House

On the sidelines of Nairobi National Park is the Kitengela Glasshouse.  It was founded by Nani, a glass art-expert. Some of her works include the Mosaic garden at Nairobi Museum Kenya .


By crossing the Kitengela glass bridge , you are able to get to the glasshouse. That’s the scariest bridge (next to China glass bridge, I believe) . The floor is made of wire mesh with glass bottles woven to the sides of the bridge. When you get to the middle it gets all shaky. This is where you start to wonder whether the adventure is worth the worth.

Inside the glass house, you get to see glass art collections done by different artisans. It is really interesting to see what can be made from glass.

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Make Peace with nature at the Tranquil Masai Safari Lodge

2pm. That was our departure time from the airport Maasai Mall. That is in Ongata Rongai. With about 10 minutes underway in our taxi, we were at Maasai lodge. From a far, you can only sight a few cottages . This leaves you unprepared for the sights ahead. Located at the edge of the Nairobi Safari Park , it has an array of small wildlife . Monkeys can be seen darting from one tree to the other . With beavers squirming at one corner or another.
A warm welcome awaited us at the reception where we left our luggage.By then we had done a small tour of the lodge. You could tell someone had put effort into the interior decor. Starting from the hanging wall paints to the antique lamp stands which were my favourite.


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4 places to visit as seen on the film Point Break

I finally watched it . I liked it. And I liked loved the stunts. POINT BREAK. Actually there were not stunts, there were real athletes performing all kinds of sports. Point Break is a remake movie released in December, 2015. It a film that features top actors and real life extreme athletes in their element. One of the main characters, Utah is a probation FBI investigator who goes undercover to stop a gang of three. The three are poly athletes who live by the Osaki 8. Continue reading


Kenya is a magnificent country known for its flourishing fauna and flora, picturesque landscapes, sandy beaches and warm people. If you happen to find yourself in Kenya here is a couple of things you should try out( thank me later).

Watch Churchill Live Show.
All comedy shows in Kenya start and end with Churchill. With live recording every Thursday one gets to see stand-up comedies perform live .The jokes are lively, fresh and downright hilarious. You don’t want to miss this.
Visit the KICC rooftop. Continue reading